To become a part of our amazing volunteer community, please email northyorkmusicfestival@yahoo.ca
We welcome high school students and they can use this as their volunteer hours.

North York Music Festival would like to thank
our volunteers for generously donating their time to NYMF:

Gulmira Bagaliyeva, Elizabeth Basmanova, Jane Bridgeman, Winnie Chu, Anna Fillippova, Claire Geng, Hannah Greiner, Hope Gu, Irina Halpern, Grace Ho, Kathy Jia-Jones, Sophie Kim, Skylar Kim, Velma Ko, Lada Lagover, Jewele Lee, Xiaofang Li, David Lu, Norman Melamed, Raluca Milea, Rita Mok, Annie Odom, Halyna Popenko, Danielle Ryterband, Graham Savage, Ingrid Taheri, John Targett, Sonja Thomason, Josephine Vaccaro-Chang, Ann Wai-Lau, Sean Wang, Jacqueline Yu, Terri Yu, Eric Zhang, Stella Zhang, TianXing Zhong, RiYuan Zhuang.

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Registration for 2021 NYMF is now Closed:

Looking forward to your video submissions.

The 2021 Syllabus can be found here
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