North York Music Festival

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We welcome high school students and they can use this as their volunteer hours.

North York Music & Performing Arts Festival would like to thank our volunteers:

Graham Savage, Ingrid Taheri, Leah Kang, Corina Corlaci, Justin Wei, Annie Chen, Olivia Giraldi, An Nguyen, Angela Hoang, Joshua Wang, Matthew Li, Olivia Jin, Sebastian Dumitrescu, Joyce Deng, Ruth Corbin, Natasha Finlay, Tyessia Tulupnikova, Donna Malach, Isabel Liu, Emily Song, Frank Tian, Chance Hattrick, Cathy Jin, Vincent Han, Jewele Lee, Annie Chung, Sophie Kim

Latest News

2023 Syllabus will be available in early fall. Looking forward to seeing you in April 2023.

View NYMF performers play at 96.3 FM Zoomer Media here.